Introducing “The Relevance of Breeding in Choosing a Pet Dog”

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest version of the publication, “The Relevance of Breeding in Choosing a Pet Dog” This booklet, part of our NCRC Vision Series, delves into the important topic of how “breed” plays a role in choosing a companion dog.

As a non-profit canine behavior science and policy think tank, the National Canine Research Council aims to provide academically rigorous research that studies dogs in the context of human society. Our mission is to make this research accessible to everyone who loves, lives with, or is simply curious about dogs.

In this groundbreaking publication, author Janis Bradley explores the impact of breed on canine behavior and its implications on public policy and the matchmaking process for people working in rehoming. By taking a closer look at the individuality of dogs in a human-made environment, this booklet offers valuable insights into the importance of a thoughtful approach when selecting a companion dog.

With a commitment to sound methodology and accurate characterization of dogs as individuals, we strive to bring you the most current research in the field of canine behavior. Through “The Relevance of Breeding in Choosing a Pet Dog,” we hope to further our understanding of the intricate relationship between dogs and humans.

Whether you are concerned about public policy, working in rehoming, considering adding a new dog family member, or simply interested in expanding your knowledge on the subject, we invite you to dive into this informative booklet. Stay tuned for further updates and publications from the National Canine Research Council, as we continue our mission to strengthen the bond between people and dogs.

Learn more, access the full version of the booklet  “The Relevance of Breeding in Choosing a Pet Dog,”  here. We look forward to sharing this valuable resource with you.