National Canine Research Council

National Canine Research Council is a non-profit canine behavior science and policy think tank that focuses on the relationship between dogs and people.  Our mission is to underwrite, conduct and disseminate academically rigorous research that studies dogs in the context of human society.

Our goal is to make the best and most current research accessible to everyone who loves, lives with or just wants to know more about dogs. We put canine behavior science in the context of the world dogs live in – the human one. So you will find discussions on public policy about living with dogs, about home insurance, about dog training, about how we think about dog breeds, on what happens when dogs are between homes, and all of the other issues that affect how we live with and think about our best friends.

As more research is produced that focuses on dogs in the context of humans we expect to progress in our understanding of our relationship with dogs. Canine behavior studies may impact public policy and thus the welfare of dogs and their owners. Canine behavior research should therefore be held to a high standard of sound methodology and should always correctly characterize dogs as individuals living in a man-made environment.