2016 Pet Professional Guild Educational Summit

Janis Bradley will present 3 talks & participate on 2 panel discussions at the PPG Summit.

Janis Bradley, Director of Communications and Publications at National Canine Research Council will present 3 talks and participate on 2 panel discussions at the PPG Summit. She will speak on:

  • A Protocol for helping dogs with stranger fear: can recent scientific findings in dog behavior suggest ways to accelerate this process?​ at 3:30pm on Tuesday, November 8
  • Do the Math: Behavior Evaluations Flunk at 3:30pm on Thursday November 10
  • Who do you trust? Cutting through the confusion of reading research studies at 8:30am on Friday November 11

Janis will also be on the panel on Canine and Feline Aggression at 5:30pm on Tuesday, November 8, and the panel on Canine Cognition at 5:30pm on Thursday November 10

Come visit with Bradley any time in the conference exhibit hall—see schedule link above for times.