Webinar: Bill Bruce on The Calgary Model

Title: Webinar: Bill Bruce on The Calgary Model
Location: Petsmart Charities Webinar
Link out: Click here
Description: Bill Bruce, the Director of Animal & Bylaw Services for the City of Calgary and Advisor to the National Canine Research Council, is presenting a Petsmart Charities webinar on “The Calgary Model.”

“The animal control bylaw in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been hailed by many as a HUGE success. While other cities and provinces in Canada are banning breeds, Calgary is choosing education program and stronger enforcement. Pet owners in Calgary have a support system that addresses their needs before they become a problem. They have a mandatory licensing program for both cats and dogs which has provided the funds to help even more animals. The program has also lowered the number of impounded animals, increased owner return rates, lowered the euthanasia rates and lowered the number of fines for bylaw infractions! In this webinar, Bill Bruce of The City of Calgary Animal Services will share with you the steps he and his organization took to bring his community such a successful program, and the impact it had on animals’ lives in that community.”

Here is the link to register: https://petsmartcharities.webex.com/mw0306ld/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=petsmartcharities&service=7

Start Time: 07:00
Date: 2011-08-19

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